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What is a free market?

The free (liberalized) electricity market in Bulgaria has been established and operates in accordance with the European directives for liberalization of the energy markets. It allows its participants to freely negotiate the price and terms of delivery of electricity. This creates a competitive environment, which leads to optimization of prices and improvement of the quality of services.

What is the deadline by which businesses must switch to the free market?

According to the amendments adopted to the Energy Act, all business consumers must switch to a free market by 1 October, 2020. In terms of procedure, switching providers takes between 20 and 50 days, depending on the type of energy metering. For consumers with hourly metering, the deadline for selecting a provider and signing a contract is 10 August 2020. For all other users – 10 September 2020

What is the procedure for changing your provider?

The procedure for switching providers is carried out by your electricity provider, to whom you have provided a notarized power of attorney, in a format approved by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC).

The procedure for changing the electricity provider / balancing group coordinator shall be carried out by the 10th of each month and shall take effect on the 1st of the following month.

Prerequisites for starting the procedure:

– Concluded contract for purchase and sale of electricity with a licensed electricity provider and balancing group coordinator

– Notarized power of attorney

– No arrears to the current electricity provider.

Can I end up with no power supply if I don't choose a provider?

No. If you are connected to the network and have not found the right provider for you, you will be supplied by your existing provider, but at a higher price and ex officio conditions.

What are the advantages of the free market?

The free market, like any other competitive market, allows customers to choose their own electricity provider. The introduction of competition leads to real and lower market prices, improved efficiency and service. Customers can negotiate the price of electricity and the terms of the contract with the provider.

How are electricity prices determined?

On the free market, electricity prices are negotiated between the customer and their provider according to the individual consumption profile, delivery period, quotations of the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) and electricity exchanges in the region and the payment terms. The prices of the network services, the Social Obligations Fee, as well as all other surcharges are determined by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC).

How much can I save if I choose Synergon Energy?

Our team’s specialists will analyse your consumption and prepare a proposal with the most suitable product for you. In addition to our offer, you will receive a comparative analysis of the savings that you will realize after signing a contract with us.

How often can I change my electricity providers?

There are no legal restrictions – each customer assesses their need to change providers and decides on the length of the contract period.

What part of the price can I negotiate?

Only the price of active electricity is negotiable (supply price). The price for the network services (access and transmission through the electricity transmission and distribution network) are regulated by the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC) and are paid by all customers. The cost of Social Obligations is also subject to regulation by the EWRC. For regulated market customers, this price is included in the price of electricity, and for free market customers, it is shown separately on the invoice.

Is each price negotiated separately?

The price that customers pay for day and night energy on the free market is often the same – i.e. the rate for a 24-hour cycle is one and the same. In order to determine this price, the consumption profile is carefully calculated and the individual needs of each client are taken into account – ratio of day and night consumption, seasonality, etc. At the customer’s request, Synergon Energy can maintain the division of prices under the conditions of electricity supply. For more information, please visit the Products and Services section or contact us.

Do I need to change my electricity meter to enter the free market?

No, when changing providers, the means of commercial metering (electricity meters) do not change. The data reported on them is provided by the network operator to the selected provider for invoicing purposes.

How many invoices will I receive?

Synergon Energy issues an invoice at the end of each month. When concluding a combined contract (mandatory for users with a standardized load profile), the consumer receives a single invoice for energy and network services. When concluding a contract for the supply of electricity with consumers with the technical capability of measuring electricity consumption on an hourly basis, Synergon Energy invoices electricity, excise duty and a Social Obligations cost , and network services are invoiced by the network operator.