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Our product range includes flexible solutions according to the unique needs of each business

Fixed price


A fixed price product that allows for easy planning and is not affected by market changes.

  • Fixed price for up to two years
  • Predictable expenses for businesses
  • Security – protected against rising stock prices

Dynamic price


Product with a price indexed to the Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX)

  • Market conditions for the entire term of the contract
  • Real-time price information at any time of the day
  • Ability to optimize costs by reducing peak consumption.

Together forwaard


A loyalty program that combines security with the ability to realize additional savings

  • Fixed contract period
  • Detailed analysis of the value of paid energy in relation to the price for the delivery period
  • Sharing with the client of the profit realized by Synergon Energy for the period of the contract

Day and night

 A product suitable for customers who are choosing their electricity provider for the first time on the Free market

  • Detailed analysis of the current price and consumption
  • Price offer according to individual needs
  • Guaranteed savings compared to current conditions

Active season


Product suitable for customers with seasonal consumption

  • Individual consumption analysis
  • Offer tailored to the seasonality of your business
  • Fixed price for the contract period

Combined products


Complex products suitable for consumers with specific consumption schedules

  • Thorough analysis of hourly consumption for the last 12 months
  • Expert consultation on the possibilities for cost optimization
  • Individual products, including a combination in an optimal ratio of different price plans and rates


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Learn more about how you can get a custom offer for free market electricity supply and a savings analysis.